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Faculty Job Seeker Support Package

When you sign up, you’ll partner with an expert career coach who will help you successfully position yourself to land your next role in higher education. This package includes:

Developmental review of CV/resume and cover letter.
A kick-off session with a career coach with extensive experience in higher education.
A materials consultation where you will receive feedback on your CV/resume and cover letter.
A job talk or interview prep session.*
*Your coach may adjust the topics for the prep session based on the materials’ completion level. Additional sessions may be required and can be purchased at the standard coaching rate.

Are you a fit for The Faculty Job-Seeker Support Package?

If you are higher education faculty, including contingent faculty, early-career faculty, mid-career or senior faculty looking to transition to leadership and:

  • Are ready to enter the job market.
  • Already have application materials drafted.
  • Want a developmental review of these materials to position yourself for a specific role.
  • Want support and guidance as you go through the interview process.

Faculty Coaching Support to Land Your Dream Job in Higher Education

The higher education job market can be competitive and challenging for individuals seeking employment in academia. The uncertainty can be very stressful for job seekers, especially if you find a position you really want. You may be wondering:

  • Does my application stand out?
  • Did I accurately convey my strengths and experience?
  • How do I properly prepare to nail the interview process?
  • What are my talking points, and do they match the job description?
  • Am I ready for the ‘job talk’ or the on-campus visit?

If these questions are currently running through your head during your job search, our HireEd Careers’ Faculty Job-Seeker Support Package can help you find answers!

Why Should You Choose Us to Help You on Your Job Search?

Our HireEd Career Faculty Coaches are seasoned experts ready to guide and empower you on your professional journey. They have served on countless hiring committees and coached faculty job seekers. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics within academia, our faculty coaches stand as pillars of knowledge and support.

Whether you’re navigating the transition from faculty to administration, seeking to establish your presence in higher education, or aiming to thrive in a new role on your current campus or a different one, our coaches are committed to providing tailored guidance that aligns with your aspirations.

Having someone to help you navigate the complexities of the higher education job market could be the difference maker in landing your dream job.

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Faculty Coaches

Portrait of Allison DiBianca
Allison DiBianca Fasoli, Ph.D
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Portrait of Heather Fryer
Heather Fryer, PhD, BCC
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Portrait of Heather Martin
Heather Martin, PhD
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Portrait of Nicole Pulliam
Nicole Pulliam, PhD
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Portrait of Steve Riccio
Steve Riccio, EdD, SPHR, PCC
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Portrait of Paula Thompson
Paula Thompson, Ed.D.
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Career Coaching

The hiring process in higher education is steeped in the traditions that favor hiring those who are already well represented. This can be challenging to navigate, especially for members of historically excluded populations. Our career coaches have analyzed this culture through their experiences as faculty and administrators. Your career coach will act as a cheerleader, sage, and champion—they will collaborate with you to explore and career opportunities that fit your aspirations so that you will thrive. In addition, they will support you to identify opportunities, hold you accountable, and create an application packet that will stand out from the crowd. 

Our HireEd Career Coaches will support you as you climb the career ladder, whether moving from faculty to administration, getting a foothold in higher ed, or moving into a new role on your campus or a new campus. Working with a career coach enables you to: 

  • Clarify your motivations for a career change.
  • Identify the opportunities to thrive that match your aspirations and goals.
  • Learn how to brand your CV and cover letter, to differentiate yourself and showcase your strengths.
  • Craft a diversity statement that finds the sweet spot between personal disclosure and theoretical framework.
  • Cultivate your best practices for interviews, negotiations, and networking sessions
  • Practice for interviews and job talks in a safe, supportive space.

Career Coaches

Portrait of Dorine Lawrence-Hughes
Dorine Lawrence-Hughes, Ed.D, J.D.
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Portrait of Ava Thompson Greenwell
Ava Thompson Greenwell, Ph.D.
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Portrait of Maria Thompson
Maria Thompson, Ph.D
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Paula Thompson, Ed.D.
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Portrait of Susan Turell
Susan C. Turell, Ph.D.
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Portrait of Karen M. Whitney
Dr. Karen M. Whitney
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Faculty Job Seeker Support Package

Going on the academic job market is stressful enough without having someone in your corner to help you make a plan and stick to it. The Faculty Job Seeker Support Package is designed to provide a space for you to clarify your job search goals, and to align your application materials with these goals so you are able to position yourself as a viable candidate in today’s job market. Our package is designed for early-career, tenure track, non-tenure track, and mid-career faculty. 

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