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HireEd Careers by Academic Impressions is seeking subject matter experts to present, podcast, write, or otherwise contribute to our body of resources for employers and job seekers in higher education. HireEd Careers is a niche job board with a mission of increasing the presence of historically marginalized faculty and staff across higher education.

We are looking for contributors who have higher ed expertise and/or institutional strategies in the following areas as they relate to the hiring process, diveristy, and inclusion for both employers and job seekers: 

  • Writing job descriptions/diversity/inclusion statements
  • Measuring if your hiring practices are inclusive
  • Conducting pay audits toward equitable compensation
  • Question banks for candidates and job seekers
  • Required vs recommended job descriptions
  • How to assess campus climate and culture
  • On-campus interviews dos and don’ts
  • Negotiating salary/ labs/ teaching loads for employers and job seekers
  • Legal considerations

Why submit?

Flexible parameters. Your submission does not have to be a time-tested initiative with empirically sound results. We are equally interested in new approaches and emergent practices that show promise. Or instructive stories that help individuals refine their own search process.

You’ll hear from us. We are committed to following up with each person who sends in a submission.

You’ll gain exposure among your peers as an expert. Demonstrate your expertise and breadth of knowledge of DEI and hiring in higher ed here to build your portfolio as a subject matter expert.

Contact us and let us know if you are interested in:

  • Posting jobs
  • Coaching
  • Contributing resources
  • Technical Support