Diversity Without Inclusion is Abuse

By Dr. Sandra Miles In the wake of the 188-day tenure of Dr. Claudine Gay and the untimely death of Dr. Antoinette Candia Bailey, a number of calls to action are being issued and think pieces are being thunk about the experiences of Black women in the academy. As a Black woman who completed dissertation … Read more

We Never Needed Diversity Statements Anyway

By Dr. Sandra Miles In the wake of legislation across the country taking aim at everything from Affirmative Action to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (the offices and the words), we are now starting to see lawsuits related to required diversity statements as a part of the hiring process. As a fierce advocate for all aspects … Read more

Owning your Light: Leading From Where You Are

by Katharine Stewart Now that we are nearing the end of the Your Leadership Journey blog series, I want to share something that’s been worrying me. This series was designed to accomplish two things: to help you identify the “how” and the “why” of your own leadership identity and to give you some ideas for … Read more

Promote Pay Equity by Bringing Salary Cloaking to an End

By Dr. Sandra Miles To put it simply, salary cloaking is the practice of excluding the salary from a job posting/position announcement. Pay transparency, on the other hand, is a movement to require that all positions share the salary ranges a qualified applicant can expect to earn for a given position. Why Does This Matter? … Read more