Owning your Light: Leading From Where You Are

by Katharine Stewart Now that we are nearing the end of the Your Leadership Journey blog series, I want to share something that’s been worrying me. This series was designed to accomplish two things: to help you identify the “how” and the “why” of your own leadership identity and to give you some ideas for … Read more

Promote Pay Equity by Bringing Salary Cloaking to an End

By Dr. Sandra Miles To put it simply, salary cloaking is the practice of excluding the salary from a job posting/position announcement. Pay transparency, on the other hand, is a movement to require that all positions share the salary ranges a qualified applicant can expect to earn for a given position. Why Does This Matter? … Read more

Quiet Firing – A bigger problem than Quiet Quitting 

By Dr. Sandra Miles  Over the past few months, the topic of Quiet Quitting has become a topic of conversation at the dinner table, on social media, and even on mainstream media. However, the much more toxic, less ethical, and widely accepted practice of Quiet Firing continues to go largely unnoticed.   What is Quiet Firing?  … Read more

DEI Expert Dr. Sandra Miles Answers Your Salary Questions

Dr. Miles joined Academic Impressions in 2022 having served as a leader and administrator in higher education for two decades. She has served as a subject-matter expert for Academic Impressions, facilitating trainings and workshops in higher-ed. Her passion is making DEI concepts resonate for individuals from all walks of life. Salary conversations are difficult for … Read more