Overcoming the Effects of White Privilege for More Equitable Search Processes

Learn one reason why the growth in the number of diverse faculty and staff isn’t keeping up with the growth in the number of diverse students.


If you’re on a search committee, you’re working hard to ensure a fair and equitable hiring process. In the midst of the search, you may feel like you’re ensuring fairness by subscribing to notions like:

  • “I don’t see skin color.”
  • “I’m colorblind.”
  • “I treat all people the same.”

While you intend these as positive statements, they can also cast a shadow over your search process — negating a candidate’s unique experiences as a person of color or implying that racial privilege no longer exists.

Join us online to examine white privilege and how it can impact your search processes. We’ll reflect on our privileges together, and you’ll leave with tools to engage in uncomfortable conversations around race during the hiring process.


  • Self-Awareness
    • Understanding the concepts of white fragility, white privilege, and colorblindness
    • Individual identity vs. inherent privilege
    • Becoming aware of your privilege
  • Using Your Voice
    • Acknowledging your privilege
    • Ensuring an equitable search free of implicit bias
    • Having uncomfortable conversations on privilege and discrimination during the search process


Portrait of Danielle Robinson

Danielle R. Robinson - “Danny”
Associate Director of Admissions, Co-Advisor, Puerto Rican Student Association, SUNY Maritime College

Danny Robinson is responsible for planning, staffing, and implementing new strategies for recruitment to enroll and retain first-time undergraduate, transfer, and graduate students. Robinson focuses on targeting underrepresented student populations by developing and implementing diversity enrollment strategies according to institutional goals.

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