Inclusive Hiring Best Practices: Removing Barriers and Mitigating Search Committee Bias

Train your faculty and staff search committee members on foundational best practices for inclusive hiring.

How should I use this resource?

This course has been specifically designed as a foundational training session to help bring search committee members up to speed on inclusive hiring practices. Each lesson is no more than 30 minutes in length, so we recommend assigning specific applicable segments of the course to your search committee members over a defined period of time. To encourage further conversation and application, we also recommend following up each segment with real-time discussion among your search committee members. Each person participating can record their notes in the five-page downloadable workbook that accompanies the course and then bring them to the group conversation to ensure a productive debrief.


Portrait of Melinda Messineo
Melinda Messineo, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, Ball State University
Portrait of Melissa Rubrecht
Melissa Rubrecht, M.A.
Director of Employee Relations and Affirmative Action, Ball State University

Course Highlights

  • 1 hr, 55 mins of video instruction
  • 25 videos
  • Workbook to track personal notes
  • Multiple printable resources

Course Details

Released 1/2022

As campuses work more efficiently to recruit and retain highly qualified, diverse candidates, it is imperative that your faculty and staff search committees have an ongoing process to thoroughly review and refine their current hiring practices to mitigate bias and/or remove barriers that prohibit a truly inclusive process for diverse, qualified candidates. This 5-part video series was created to help members of your search committee with the following stages of the hiring process:

  • Getting Started and Establishing Your Search Committee
  • Recruiting Diverse, Qualified Candidates
  • Selecting Preliminary Candidates
  • Extending Formal Interviews
  • Conducting Final Assessments and Recommendations for Hire
  • Onboarding New Hires

We recommend that each lesson is watched in numerical order and should be used as a training tool to supplement additional training that already exists on your campus’ search committee members. These modules can be viewed individually or as a group, but we recommend after viewing them, committee members should convene to discuss and address specific nuances unique to its own institution’s context.